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Nov, 2018

HNS Travel Basketball Teams - Director Hines

Coach Hines' program is in the business of preparing players for TRY-OUTS. No matter where he/she is now, I will take his/her game to the next level. Players will go through Q & A sessions, learn the importance of triple threat, shell drill, reading the defenses, driving to the basket, jump shooting, attacking the zone, and much more...


Oct, 2018

HNS Basketball Club - After School Enrichment Program

HNS Academy will be teaching the kids fundamentals this semester and allowing the kids to play more games against each other while coaches teach them more about the rules of the game.


Aug, 2018

HNS Volleyball Club - After School Enrichment Program

HNS Academy teaches youth the fundamentals in volleyball right in your child's school gymnasium.  Please visit our site or call and find out how you can get your child registered.

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